My Approach

My approach is client-centered, mindful and holistic. I view my clients as individuals who possess wisdom and intuition. As a therapist, I serve to help them connect to their inner wisdom and knowing. Therapy is not just an intellectual process. Instead, attention will be paid to you as a whole being, where physical and mental health, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and values will be addressed. Exploring the meaning and poetry behind your distress, you will learn to embrace and accept yourself with compassion. As a result, you begin to experience change and healing. Taking a holistic approach, you can learn to find the tools to help you live your desired life, connect with your true self, and find personal power and inner peace.

Being trained in a variety of counselling approaches, I offer an individualized approach that is usually eclectic in nature to suit the needs of each client. I also offer meditation and yoga instructions for individuals who are interested in establishing a practice in mindfulness. My counselling approaches include Psychodynamic, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Level 1), (Level 2 in progress), Existential, Interpersonal and mindfulness based therapies like ACT, yoga and meditation.

Yoga and mindfulness meditation are approaches that train our attention to stay with our moment to moment experience and enable us to connect more deeply within. Using these approaches, one can begin to develop tools to live more fully in the present, increase mental flexibility and find equanimity. Mindfulness can also promote a greater sense of well-being, acceptance, peace and harmony within and without.

By offering a safe, open, non-judgmental and trusting space, I help my clients to reclaim their voices, reconnect with their inner selves and heal.